Jeff Bough Headshot

Who // Jeff Bough
What // Photography and videography
Where // Everywhere and anywhere
When // 2006-present
Why // Passion

I trained at Focal Point Visual Arts Learning Centre in 2006 and have been shooting full-time ever since. No matter the subject, my mission is to engage the viewer. I deliver a unique and edgy product to every client, and they enjoy my ability to capture images in very unexpected ways. I’m a bit intense, but always described and easy going and fun to work with. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project I take on, thanks in part to numerous ‘past lives’, including police constable, film industry diver, helicopter pilot and charter boat operator. I’ve shot video hanging from a moving helicopter, taken stylish shots of cats in my home studio, and literally everything in between. I’m always excited to take on new projects, if you don’t see exactly what you’re after on my site, let’s talk.

Equipment List:
2x Nikon D3 (digital)
Nikon F6 (35mm film)
Mamiya RB 67 (medium format film)
Lenses: Nikon lenses ranging from 16mm fisheye to 600mm F4
Sony FS700UK Super 35 HD video with super slow motion capability and follow focus
4x Contour+2 (POV cameras)
Lenses: Sony FE4/PZ 28-135mm G OSS and Sony 18-200 mm
Apple Pro Res to Samurai Blade
Sony wireless LAV mic
Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop CS5
27” iMac
13” Macbook Pro